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BYRDS rider tests

  • Posted: 12 December 2016

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What are the BYRDS tests for under 25s? Find out more here.

Often when riding a dressage test we focus on the horse and at times forget about our own position and in particular our posture and the influence of this over the way of going.

The better your posture the more effective you will be and good posture ensures that you can stay in a balance on your horse or pony, and allows you to give aids independently of the reins.

The BYRDS rider tests are a great way of receiving feedback from a coach/rider test assessor on your position and effectiveness. Addressing any issues now will ultimately lead to improved dressage scores.

These tests are not judged in the same way as a dressage test, there is no mark for paces. They are all about you as the rider and how through correct riding you can better influence your horse or pony.

Although these are BYRDS rider tests, there is no reason why senior riders can't enter. So if you're passionate about dressage and keen to improve, try the rider tests.

As an approximate guide the fledgling test is equivalent to an easier Preliminary. The C squad a slightly more demanding Preliminary, the B squad Novice level, and A squad a testing Elementary level.

Janet Horswill, BYRDS Rider Test Judge

Dressage Anywhere runs a BYRDS competition class every month where you can choose Fledglings, C Squad, B Squad or A Squad test to ride.