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Team Challenge

Riders can now form their own teams to take part in Dressage Anywhere competitions and win prizes! Riders can compete as individuals in a class of their choice with scores counting towards their team’s placing in the Team Challenge!

  1. Create your team account
    • Each team will need an administrator to create the team account and a minimum of three members.
    • To create your team account, go to, select Team as the account type and complete the online form.
  2. Add members to your team
    • Invite your fellow team members to also register with Dressage Anywhere, selecting Individual as the account type on the registration page.
    • You can add existing Dressage Anywhere members to your team and also non Dressage Anywhere members (see point 3 below).
    • To add existing members to your team you will need each member’s e-mail address they use to log into the website (this is so we can link their entries to your team).
    • Login and choose Edit Profile from the My Dressage Anywhere menu. Under the heading Team Members click the + button and insert the e-mail addresses of your members.
  3. Enter competitions
    • The team administrator can enter and pay for test entries for all team members. Simply select all the members of your team who are entering a class from the entry page.
    • OR
    • Individual team members with a Dressage Anywhere account can enter and pay for test entries. Tick the checkbox Is this a Team Challenge entry? for the entry to be counted towards the team’s result.
    • To enter non Dressage Anywhere members into classes, team administrators can click the Add Team Member button on the entry page; click once to add one team member, twice to add two team members and so on. You can enter rider names later during the video upload.
    • Make your entries and payments using our secure system.
  4. Upload videos
    • Then ride and video the dressage tests.
    • Either the team administrator or individual team member can upload videos from their My Dressage Anywhere page.
    • To include the names of non Dressage Anywhere members, the team administrator will need to go to My Dressage Anywhere and insert rider names before uploading the test videos.
  5. Score sheets
    • Team administrators or individual team members registered with Dressage Anywhere can download score sheets and check the scoreboard to view overall class results. The percentages of the riders with the three highest scores will be averaged to give the overall Team score – check the Team Challenge scoreboard to see how your team has scored against other teams taking part.
    • The Team with the highest average score in any one month during the period of the challenge wins the Team Challenge!


The Team Challenge rules are as per the Dressage Anywhere rules at: and in addition:

  • Teams may be made up of three competitors or more, but only the top three percentages will count. There is no maximum number of team members.
  • Groups may enter more than one team, which must be administered separately and riders must remain in their original team for the duration of the challenge.
  • Horses and ponies can be ridden by more than one rider.
  • Horse and rider combinations may Horse and rider combinations may not enter a class more than one level below their highest entry in a competition class up to Medium. For instance an Elementary combination may not enter a Preliminary class.
  • During the course of the year The Pony Club and the Riding for the Disabled have separate Championships which do not count for the Team Challenge (or the Rider League).
  • Every team member does not need to enter every month, although by doing so you’ll maximise your chances.
  • An example scoring for the Team Challenge is as below.
  • Team A
    Rider Month 1 score Team Average Month 2 score Team Average Month 3 score Team Average
    1 (Novice) 58% 60.5%   62.6% 59% 63.6%
    2 (Intro) 62% 62.5% 63%
    3 (Prelim) 61.5% 61.5% 63%
    4 (Prelim)   64% 65%
    5 (Novice)   54.5%  
    Key: Highest individual score to count toward team average
      Highest team average to count as final score for this team