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Dressage Anywhere Veteran Horse League

Dressage Anywhere Veteran Horse League 2022

The Dressage Anywhere Veteran Horse League 2022 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in Veteran Horse competitions run from June to December 2022.

Points are awarded in the monthly Veteran Horse classes based on percentage achieved. See the scoring details here. Placings and scores are provisional until the league has closed.

Placing Rider Name Horse Name Total Points
1st Judi D Pedro 60
2nd Lucy Oetegenn cappuccino II 45
2nd Sandra Smith Nyah 45
4th Jennie Croft Alfa Romeo 39
5th Kelly Gamble Poppets Lucky Dip 30
6th Jane Aislabie Night Cruise 27
7th Lynda Parkin-Jones Silver Pimpernel 22
8th Claire Dawson Sunnybrowe Prince 21
9th Rebecca Jones Nubin Kinsky 19
9th Sharon Webber Graffiti 19
11th Wendy Brown Flynn 16
11th SARA FOGG Overafrica 16
11th Linda Cannon Ted 16
11th Helen Jackson-Garside Whisky Mac V 16
15th Gloria Cross Annie 15
15th Sue Murphy Langarth Gwendolen 15
17th Caroline Byrne Casper 14
18th Gemma Hughes Opposition Real Deal 13
18th Kate Jarvis Toux Never Say Never 13
20th Debbie Dearing Freya 12
20th Charlotte Irwin Winster 12
22nd Claire Dawson Darrenvale tybalt 11
22nd Catherine Ellis Bonnie K 11
22nd Amelia Ward Tireve What's Wanted 11
25th Alison Kenward Salvation 10
26th Amelia Ward Sea Lark 9
27th Alison Wells Brooklyn Brunwhinel 8
27th Helen Roberts Harlequin Jester 8
27th Micky Nijboer Hipolito 8
30th Sharon Boulter LILBURN 6
30th Jacqueline Noctor Lady T 6
30th Helga Mepham Adamstown Matty 6
30th Christine Baxter Orion's Quest 6
30th Amanda Hart Sassi 6
30th Alexandra Dawson Maisy 6
30th Catherine Peacock Pyrus 6
30th Lillia Hill Hercules 6
38th Alison Cornell MACINTOSH 5
38th Christie Harvey Lowenneck Smartie Pants 5
38th Jacqueline Noctor Riverstown Reggie 5
38th Helen Grant Across The Road 5
38th Nicola Scivier Woody 5
38th Maggi Gordon - Gauld Belladonna 5
38th Maria Loftus Storm 5
45th Luci Arris MISS DILYS 4
45th Penny O'Callaghan Bright White Lightening 4
45th Ruth Dawe King 4
45th Ruth Hardwick Thomas Paine 4
45th Judi D Pom Bear 4
45th Judith Taylor Arena 4
45th Kristina Lotamõis Olaf 4
45th Anna Aspel Ronja 4
45th Dawn Thomas Trueno 4
45th Isobel Weare Monty 4
45th Alice Hasson Cubic Zirconia 4
45th Amelia Ward Revue Star 4
45th Vicky Berry Lowenneck Victories Choice 4
58th Victoria Portch Life of Grime 3
58th Zara Horn Aristo royal diamond 3
58th zara Inkster Minstrel 3
58th Anne Wise Pumpkin 3
58th Kim Spence Watchman 3
58th Kimberly Scott Robbie 3
58th Katie Elledge Lockwood Chloe 3
58th Sally Hyde Newtown Pg 3
66th Pippa Griffin Tolkien’s Trilogy 2
66th Olivia Hindley Stone Water Buddy 2
66th June Lyall Miss Odd Sox 2
66th Barbara Mason Luckey 2
66th Denise Entecott Lir 2
66th Esme Emery Soprano Ellemose 2
66th Fiona Lander Charlie Ddu 2
66th Cathie Hastings Xabregas 2
66th Anja Cowell Cartier d’Marsin 2
75th Ann Martin Rosie 1
75th Andrew Newlands-Jackson Kingston 1
75th Elizabeth Leven Paddy 1