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Dressage Anywhere Freestyle to Music League

Dressage Anywhere Freestyle to Music League 2022

The Dressage Anywhere Freestyle to Music League 2022 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in Freestyle to Music competitions run from June to December 2022.

Points are awarded in the monthly Freestyle to Music classes based on percentage achieved. See the scoring details here. Placings and scores are provisional until the league has closed.

Placing Rider Name Horse Name Total Points
1st Amy McGarvey Chamonix Rough Diamond 27
2nd Dot Tindal Redwood Ronaldo 22
3rd Pauline Malins Ardlea Sweet Beauty 19
4th Claire Dawson Sunnybrowe Prince 14
5th Susan Griffiths kengarth jeremy 11
5th Kacey Salter Paddy 11
7th Eleanor Morrell First In Show 8
9th Pam Walker Pavan 7
9th Kirsty Cyprus Charlie 7
9th Camilla James Princess Tiana 7
12th Rose Dewar Tynycoed Mountain Music 6
12th Ben Smith Hammerwood Riola 6
15th Emma Lambley Stanbeck Millenium Showtime 5
15th Lydia Hulf Sepia Sidney 5
17th Stacey Kinnear Harlequin Whiskey Mac 4
17th Tazz Watkins Popsters Lady Lil 4
17th Carolyn Gale Chilli Spice 4
17th Karen Thornton Clifton Encore 4
21st Sofia R Forino Dakota 3
21st Di Johnson-Hill Eton Pre Eclipse 3
21st Kym Cookesley Tilly Cruz 3
21st Sam Bounds Beechmount Joey 3