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Team Challenge Scoreboard

Team Challenge Scoreboard

Who will be triumphant? Check how your team is doing in the Team Challenge.

The winner of the 2022 Winter/Spring Dressage Anywhere Team Challenge will be the team with the highest score in the competitions between January and June 2022.

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The winning team will win an award, rosettes and £100 to spend at Team Equestrian!

Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

2022 Summer/Autumn Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Cayman Riding School 31
2nd Broad Town School 24
2nd Crooked Spire Riding Club 24
4th Tammy Greaves Training (Burley-Villa) 23
4th Team Barn Divas 23
4th Solitaire Dressage 23
7th Macron's (Mature) Minxes 20
8th Merstone Farm Dressage 19
9th TBs, Cobs and Mature Mares 17
10th Silvanus Stressagers 16
11th Damsels in Disdressage 15
12th Ozzy Allsorts 13
13th Milbank Strictly Come Prancing 9

2022 Winter/Spring Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Cayman Riding School 32
1st Team Larkspur 32
3rd TBs, Cobs and Mature Mares 31
4th Crooked Spire Riding Club 29
5th Godington 23
5th Broad Town School 23
7th Team QFD UK 22
8th Macron's (Mature) Minxes 21
9th Silvanus Stressagers 19
10th Park Hill Farm 18
11th Antonine Amateurs 17
12th Team Westfield 10
12th Tammy Greaves Training (Burley-Villa) 10
14th Team São Valentim 8
15th Milbank Strictly Come Prancing 6
16th Wessex TREC 5
17th Damsels in Disdressage 3