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Team Challenge Scoreboard

Team Challenge Scoreboard

Who will be triumphant? Check how your team is doing in the Team Challenge.

The winner of the 2021 Winter/Spring Dressage Anywhere Team Challenge will be the team with the highest score in the competitions between January and June 2021.

Sponsor to be announced soon. Check back regularly!

Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

2021 Winter/Spring Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Team QFD 33
2nd Godington 31
3rd Whitegate Farm 29
3rd Dressage team AIOAT/AOI 29
5th Qatar Dressage 25
5th The Llys Lew Lovelies 25
7th Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre 24
8th Mum n Me 23
8th Williams Band 23
8th Cayman Riding School 23
11th Damsels in Disdressage 22
12th Lockdown Stressage 21
13th Valewood Squad 18
13th Galloping Gin Guzzlers 18
15th Team Spanks 17
15th Clantara Equestrian 17
17th Rather BE Eventing 15
17th Zaki Crew 15
19th Sandro Hero Dressage 12
20th KS Dressage Stars 11
21th The Lockdown Lunatics 10
22th The Inbetweeners 7
23th Team Babbit 6
24th The Barfillies 3
24th Hall Place Equestrian Centre 3
24th Berkshire Riding Centre 3
24th Hewshott Hotties 3
24th Team Ingestre 3

2020 Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Team QFD 33
2nd Team Wood Cottage 32
3rd Keep Calm and Do Dressage 30
3rd Team Stablesense 30
3rd Light Cavalry HAC 30
6th Team Spanks 29
6th Qatar Dressage 29
6th Tammy Greaves Training (Burley-Villa) 29
9th Damsels in Disdressage 28
10th Whitegate Farm 27
11th Team Westfield 26
12th Broad Town School 23
13th IOM Greece 21
14th Desert Dancers 20
14th Golden Eagles 20
14th panhellenic yard 20
17th Team Pink MSE 19
18th Team JFK 17
19th Rotten Row Divas 16
20th Arniss Competition Team 14
20th Cayman Riding School 14
22th SWD - Valegros 12
22th Hulks 12
24th SWD - Totilas' 11
24th Berkshire Riding Centre 11
24th Epona Dressage Bg 11
27th Team Primrose Wood 9
29th SWD - Salineros 7
30th Team Hillside 6
31th The Wishaw Wildcards 5
32th SWD - Utopias 4
32th Bicesters Bonkers Birds 4
34th Team Rogaland 3
34th Team JSE 3
34th The lockdown lunatics 3
34th Ashdown riding dressage 3
34th Badshot Lea EC 3
34th Contessa 3