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RDA 2018 Champions

  • Posted: 18 June 2018

RDA online dressage medalsCongratulations to everyone who took part in the RDA Online Dressage Championships 2018! 

Between August 2018 and March 2018 riders from across country competed monthly to qualify for the fifth RDA Online Dressage Championships. The Online Championship Show took place during May with a record number of riders taking part at Intro and Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

We were absolutely delighted to have the Championships classes judged by Sue Petty FEI 3* and BD List 1 judge and Para FEI 5* and BD List 1 judge, Sarah Leitch.

Comments From the Judges

Sue Petty commented that 'the standard of riding and quality of training has improved considerably. Riders are accurate and use the arena well setting up the movements with improved preparation. Where some marks were lost it was through riders allowing horses to cut the corners, falling in and riding poor shaped circles.' Sue made special mention of Matt Dalley and Billy Smith. 'Matt rode an active test allowing his horse to go freely forward but keeping balance through transitions and he rode a very good halt over the centre line. Billy also rode an accurate test showing good feel and well ridden movements.'

Sarah Leitch commented that 'the RDA Online Dressage Championship was a delight to be able to judge the promising partnerships and tests. Hopefully these riders will now be encouraged to compete in BD Para competitions. Riders who deserve a special mention are Susan Wintour with Lambrusco in the Grade 1 scoring a fantastic 77%. The Grade 2 class featured three riders over 70%: Jessica and Criminal Girl, Lizzie Bennet and Rolo and Vanessa Palmer and Paris. In the Grade 3 class Oliver Peace riding Bailey scored close to 70%.'

2018 Results

  Placing    Rider    Horse    RDA Group
  Walk and Trot
  1st   Billy Smith   Joe   Wakefield RDA
  2nd   Oliver Peace   Bailey   High Hopes RDA
  3rd   Eve   Joe   Wakefied RDA
Grade 1
  1st   Susan Wintour   Lambrusco   South Bucks RDA
  2nd   Lesley Sayers   Harry XL   Ride2Achive RDA
  3rd   Caroline Hall   Zeus   Friends of Landlords RDA
Grade 2
  1st   Jessica   Criminal Girl   South Bucks RDA
  2nd   Lizzie Bennet   Rolo   Cambs College RDA
  3rd   Vanessa Palmer   Paris   Broadlands Hampshire RDA
Grade 3
  1st   Oliver Peace   Bailey   High Hopes RDA
  2nd   Jeanette Dixon   Nashend Linkwood   Mid Cheshire RDA
  3rd   Elaine Hughes   Harry Potter   Mid Cheshire RDA
Grade 4
  1st   Matthew Dalley   Wimbledon II   Scropton RDA
  2nd   Oliver Peace   Bailey   High Hopes RDA
  3rd   Mary Leigh   Conrad   Mid Cheshire RDA
Grade 5
  1st   Kelly Lessel   Woodlands Jasper   Ride2Achieve
  2nd   Judith Taylor   Supreme Galaxy   Gaddesden Place RDA Centre

See our scoreboard for full results.

All medal winners will be invited to receive their medals and rosettes at the RDA National Championships, due to be held at Hartpury, Gloucestershire in the prize giving scheduled for 15.30 on Sunday 15 July. 

We love working with the RDA to run this series, now moving into its sixth year with qualifiers opening in August 2018. Keep your eye on the schedule for more details and get in touch if you'd like to know more.