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Here to help (press release May 2010)

  • Posted: 31 May 2010

Dressage AnywhereNothing is more frustrating than running through your dressage test at home the day before the show, riding the perfect test, only to find that when you reach the show that both you and your horse are a bag of nerves and your winning chance is lost.

Dressage Anywhere is a brand new online dressage competition site, that allows you to compete for prize money and rosettes or run through a dressage test for training feedback from appropriately qualified British Dressage or FEI judges without leaving home. You do not have to be a BD member and all levels are catered for in the comprehensive schedule.

The perfect solution for riders who love to compete but don't have transport or for riders whose horses find competing stressful. One such rider is Jenny Beckhurst who owns and rides a talented horse called Daniel and their competition plans had been put to bed due to Daniel's inability to cope with the stress, that was until she discovered Dressage Anywhere...

'My horse Daniel and I have spent a few years competing at shows with varying amounts of success and even managed to gain a couple of points at Elementary. Sadly though, Dan has increasingly suffered from what I can only describe as stage fright and our tests have been spoilt by spookiness and tension. Therefore earlier this year, I made the decision to stop competing him as I didn't consider it to be fair on him. However I was delighted when I heard about Dressage Anywhere.  I really enjoy dressage and this way of competing really suits us.  Dan is a sensitive soul and definitely not a push button ride and there must be plenty of riders out there with similar problems to me. I certainly plan to be a regular customer now!'

Dressage Anywhere rotate their judges and use  British Dressage and FEI Judges from all over the UK. You therefore s have the opportunity of possibly being judged by someone who has never seen your horse before as  they are living in a different part of the country. After your test is judged, simply go online and you can download the judge's score sheet, normally within 48 hours, so you won't have to wait until the monthly competitions finish to read your sheet.

Entering is simple, just log onto:, register for free and choose a class to enter!